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Nephrology underpinning for the young doctor
February 13 & 14, 2012
Marsa Alam, Egypt

One day ERA-EDTA supported CME Course as pre- congress activity preceding the 30th annual meeting of the Egyptian Society of Nephrology and Transplantation (ESNT)

Egyptian Society of Nephrology & Transplantation in cooperation with the ERA-EDTA offers grant of taining in CME Course and conference attendance for 100 doctors

Date February 13 & 14, 2012
Location The Marsa Alam intercontinental hotel-Port Ghalib, on the west coast of Red Sea.
Organizing Societies The Egyptian Society of Nephrology and Transplantation (ESNT) in collaboration with ERA-EDTA Continual Medical Education Working Group.
Local Coordinator

Prof. Salem Eldeeb
E-mail: salemeldeeb@yahoo.com

Short Description The course is directed to young physicians and researchers in the field of clinical nephrology, aiming to improve their approach to patients’ management. The course addresses several topics related to glomerular diseases, dialysis, AKI and transplantation, and is critically reviewing results of recent research in these areas for them. Two CME sessions are devoted to structured small group discussions to reach consensus on management of controversial nephrology and transplantation clinical problems. Besides, there will be “meet the expert” sessions.
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Course Program

ERA-EDTA supported CME Course
Nephrology underpinning for the young doctor
13/02/2012 – Monday
15:00 – 15:15
Room A:

  • Welcome: M. Zanaty, Zagazig - E Khedr, Ain Shams - ERA-EDTA representative
  • Course Introduction & Objectives: S. Eldeeb, Zagazig

15:15 – 17:00
Room A:

Plenary Session I [Update on CKD] : (Chairs:O Elkhashab, Cairo, M Zanaty, Zagazig)
  • What is new in CKD? (AM El-Nahas, UK) (35 min)
  • Phosphate binders: selection factors (G Spasovski, Macedonia) (35 min)
  • When should renal replacement therapy be initiated? (R Glassock, USA) (35 min) (To be determind) (35 min)

17:00 -17:30
Coffee Break
Room A:

  • The proteinuric patient: Broad management issues: Chairs: Chairs: M Magdy, Alexandria – T Hussein, Cairo
  • Work up for the proteinuric Patient: E Sarhan, Ain Shams
  • Complications of the nephrotic syndrome: A Elokaily, Zagazig
  • Nephrotic syndrome: nutritional aspects: H Sheashaa, Mansoura

Room B:

  • Transplantation and immunosuppression: Chairs: A Bakr, Mansoura – M Elsheikh, Tanta
  • Immunosuppression for kidney transplantation: the current evidence base (P Cockwell, UK )
  • Preparing ESRD patient for kidney transplantation: A Refaii, Mansoura
  • Complications of Immunosuppressive therapy: T Fayad, Cairo

Let us make consensus: (short cases followed by discussion of proposed therapeutic options)
Room A
Clinical nephrology: Let us make consensus on management of idiopathic glomerulopathies in adults
Panel: R Glassock, USA- AM El-nahas, UK – S Gohar - P Cockwell, UK
Moderator: AK Elsherif, Ismailia
Room B
Transplantation: Let us make consensus on management of some early post-transplant complications
Panel: F Berthoux, France - E Khdr, Ain shams - M Sobh, Mansoura – O Elkhashab, Cairo,
Moderator: A Adam, Alexandria
19:30 – 20:30
Room A

  • Acute Kidney Injury: Chairs: M Zanaty, Zagazig - E Noureldin, Ain shams
  • Risk assessment and prevention of hospital-acquired AKI: H El-Wakil,Alexandria
  • Fluid management in patients with AKI: A Elsebaie, Military Academy
  • When to start RRT in patients with AKI: W Masoud, A Maher Teaching Hospital

Room B

  • Kidney in systemic diseases: Chairs: S Naga, Alexandria - E Lotfy, Zagazig
  • Hypertensive nephrosclerosis revisited: M Emarah, Menofia
  • Renal vasculitis: classification and diagnostic work-up: M Foad, Zagazig
  • Diabetic Nephropathy: Objectives and general lines of management: K Talaat, Zagazig

14/02/2012 –Tuesday
09.00– 10.00
Room A

Plenary session II- [Renal transplantation] (Chairs: S Gohar, Ain Shams - T Elbaz, Alazhar)

  • Optimising long-term outcomes for kidney transplant recipients (P Cockwell, UK) (30 min)
  • Recurrence of original kidney disease after renal transplantation (F Berthoux, France) (30 min)
Room A

Transplantation: FAQs (Chairs: M Sobh, Mansoura - G Saadi, Cairo)
  • Early renal allograft loss (A Donia, Mansoura)
  • Work up for chronic allograft dysfunction (S Ibrahim, Cairo)
  • Management of HCV infection in renal allograft recipient (B Zayd, Cairo)
Room B

Dialysis: FAQs (Chairs: A Afifi, Ain Shams - E Amin, Zagazig)
  • Preparing your new patient for Hemodialysis (K Okasha, Tanta)
  • Which ESRD patient should go for PD? (K Abuseif, Ain shams)
  • Intradialytic complications of hemodialysis (Y Hindy, Zagazig)

11:00 -11:30
Coffee Break
11:30 – 12:30
Room A

Plenary session III- [Pediatric nephrology] (Chairs: M Hassan, Zagazig- K Ewida, Egyptian Military Academy)
  • HUS in developing countries (H Safouh, Cairo) (30 min)
  • Orphan kidney disease (N Elshakhs, Cairo) (30 min)

12:40 – 14:00
Room A

  • Meet the experts: (Moderator : AM El-Nahas, UK)

Open discussion: participants will have the opportunity to exchange knowledge in clinical practice with International and Egyptian leading experts in nephrology and kidney transplantation
14:00 – 14:15

Closing Remarks, Certificates


Marsa alam

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