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Dear colleagues and participants,

On behalf of the ESNT, it is a pleasure to us inviting our members and guests to the 30th. Congress of the Egyptian Society of Nephrology & Transplantation - February 13-17, 2012 in Port Ghalib-Marsa Alam. In our congress we aim at promoting highest  standards of care for patients with nephrology.  

Our congress represents a committee of the National members, Arab members and the International speakers including Nephrologists, Radiotherapists, Radiologists, and Pathologists exclusively dedicated to encourage and benefit of international multi cooperation and disciplinary collaboration to have the updates of practice to reach a good guideline for the treat and care of nephrology.

Our goal is to ameliorate the prognosis and improve the quality of life of patients affected by this disease by having the last updates and implementation of national and International experiences and to reach an output consensus regarding the management of the different nephrology diseases for the good of the patients.

Looking forwards to an outstanding scientific program.

The President

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