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30th annual meeting of the Egyptian Society of Nephrology and
Transplantation (ESNT)
(14-17 February 2012)
Theme: Towards efficient decision-making in nephrology practice


TUESDAY 14-02-2012

12h00-16h00 Registration
16h30- 17h30

Opening ceremony

Congress President
ESNT President
ISN representative

17h30-19h00 Plenary session- 1 (Chairs: O Elkhashab, AK Elsherif, M Zanaty)
17h30-18h15 Critical appraisal of epidemiology of CKD: How realistic is screening for CKD today? R Glassock, USA
18h15-19h00 CKD in Egypt. E Khedr, Ain Shams
19h00-19h30 Coffee break
19h30 21h00 Symposia
HALL A: Towards better allograft survival. Chairs: E Khedr, R Said, M Sobh
19h30-20h00 Assessing clinical risk in kidney transplantation. P Cockwell, UK
20h00-20h30 Critical appraisal of calcinurin-free immunesuppression. S Gohar, Ain Shams
20h30-21h00 Monitoring efficacy of immunesuppression treatment. A Adam, Alexandria
HALL B: Optimizing management of dialysis patients. Chairs: M Elshahawy, E Lotfy, E Sarhan
19h30-20h00 Optimizing patient compliance to therapy. M Zeid, Alexandria
20h00-20h30 Optimizing dialysate to meet the individual needs. H Elsayed, Ain Shams
20h30-21h00 Optimizing nutritional status in dialysis patients. M Elsheikh, Tanta


  WEDNESDAY 15-02-2012
9h30 Plenary session 2 Chairs: AM El-Nahas, M Ghonimat, S Gohar
9h30-10h00 Consensus on classification of Lupus Nephritis, ANCA-associated vasculitis and Diabetic nephropathy. F Ferrario, Italy
10h00-10h30 Renal cystogenesis and cyst growth. D Chauveau, France
10h30-11h00 Treatment of vasculitis in 2012. R Glassock, USA
11h00-11h30 Coffee break
11h30-13h00 Symposia
HALL A: IgA nephropathy Chairs: MF Ramzy, S El-Ghmdy, S Eldeeb
11h30-12h00 Advances in pathogenesis. F Berthoux , France
12h00-12h30 Pathology and classification. W Ismail, Banysoef
12h30-13h00 Management in 2012. R Glassock, USA
Hall B: Renal transplantation (FAQs) Chairs: H Hafez, A Adam, S Ibrahim
11h30-12h00 Recipient contraindications to kidney transplantation: The mediocre case. M Nasrallaah, Cairo
12h00-12h30 Induction therapies: indications and protocols. A Bakr, Mansoura
12h30-13h00 When we stop immunosuppresion in a Kidney transplant patient. O ElKhashab, Cairo
13h00-14h30 Clinico-pathological correlations
HALL A: Nephrology cases (Panel: AM El-Nahas, D Chauveau, R Glassock, G Spasoveski)
Moderator: W Ismail
HALL B: Transplantation cases (Panel: F Berthoux, O Elkhashab, M Sobh, P Cockwell)
Moderator: F Ferrario
14h30-16h00 Lunch
15h30-16h30 Industrial symposium
16h30-18h30 Plenary session - 3 (Chairs: A Afifi, T Elbaz, G Sadii)
16h30 – 17h10 Membranous GN: update in pathogenesis and management. D Cattran, Canada
17h10-17h50 The multiple faces of membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis. F Ferrario, Italy
17h50 – 18h30 CKD: Lessons learned over two decades. AM Elnahas, UK
19h00-19h30 Coffee break
19h30-20h30 Symposia
HALL A: Management of CKD: Evidence and opinion. Chairs: H Abu-Aisha, AK Elsherif, M Hassaballah
19h00 – 19h30 Evidence and opinion in management of FSGS. D Cattran, Canada
19h30 -20h00 Evidence and opinion in management of idiopathic MPGN. T Elbaz, Alazhar
20h00 -20h30 Messages from clinical trials in nephrology. AM El-Nahas, UK
HALL B: Lupus nephritis. (Chairs: M Eltayb, Y Hendy, H Elwakeel)
19h00 -19h30 Histological assessment of disease severity and activity. E Abdelbary, Zagazig
19h30 – 20h00 MMF for treatment of proliferative lupus nephritis. H Shahin, Alazhar
20h00 - 20h30 Goals ,tactics and pitfalls in management of anti-phospholipid
antibody syndrome. E Lotfy, Zagazig
20h30-21h30 Ask the experts (I)
HALL A: Panel: (AM El-Nahas, D Chauveau, F Berthoux, F Ferrario, G
Spasovski, P Cockwell, R Glassock) Moderator: AK Elsherif
21h30 Dinner
  THURSDAY 16-02-2011
9h00- 11h00 Plenary Session- 4 (Chairs: H Hafez, M Ghonimat, K Ewida)
9h00- 9h45 Markers for operational tolerance following transplantation. JP Soulillou, France
9h45- 10h30 Non immune mechanisms for renal allograft loss. F Berthoux, France
10h30- 11h00 Cell xenotransplantation. JP Soulillou, France
11h00-11h30 Coffee break
11h30-13h00 Symposia
HALL A: Renal replacement therapy: Evidence and opinion.(Chairs: T Elbaz, E Mostafa, T Elkemmry)
11h30-12h00 Prevention and management of adynamic renal bone disease. G Spasovski, Macedonia
12h00-12h30 Vascular calcification in chronic dialysis patients: prevention and management strategies. M Elsharkawy, Ain Shams
12h30-13h00 Transplantation of the diabetic patient. K Ewida, Military Academy
HALL B: Update on pathogenesis and management of secondary GN (Chairs: M Magdy, K Talaat, Z Goda)
11h30-12h00 Diabetic Nephropathy: Controversial issues. E Amin, Zagazig
12h00-12h30 Thrombotic microangiopathy and the kidney. M Elshahawy, Banha
12h30-13h00 Monoclonal gammopathy and the kidney: recent advances in diagnosis and
management. P Cockwell, UK
13h00-14h30 Symposia
HALL A: Dialysis (Chairs: H Abozeid, K Aboseif, M Noshy)
13h00-13h30 Intradialytic hypotension. A Afifi, Ain Shams
13h30 -14h00 Assessment of Peritonial dialysis efficiency. E Hassan, Damanhour
14h00 -14h30 Pruritus in dialysis patients. M Magdy, Alexandria
HALL B: Renal transplantation (Chairs: E Khedr, A Alshaibani, T Fayad)
13h00-13h30 The limited living donor pool and the option of less stringent
matching. H Sheashaa, Mansoura
13h30 – 14h00 Should protocol biopsy be abandoned? F Ferrario , Italy
14h00- 14h30 Efficacy and utility of steroid-sparing immunosuppression. MF Ramzy, Cairo
14h30-16h00 Lunch
16h00-17h00 Symposia
HALL A: Optimizing management of AKI (Chairs: M Zanaty, A Elsebaie, A Abdelhady)
16h00 – 16h30 Improving diagnostic accuracy in AKI. M Hassaballah, Cairo
16h30 – 17h00 Renal replacement therapy in AKI. M Noshy, Military Academy
17h00 – 17h30 The hepato-renal syndrome. S Naga, Alexandria
HALL B: Clinical nephrology (Chairs : M Soliman, H Safouh, W Masoud)
16h00 – 16h30 Intractable proteinuria. T Hussein, Cairo
16h30 – 17h00 Inherited tubule-interstitial diseases in adults: emerging findings. D Chauveau, France.
17h00 – 17h30 Severe Hypertension in stage 3-4 CKD. E Noureldin, Ain Shams
17h00-18h15 Nephron Forum
HALL A: Clinical Nephrology
Moderator: AM El-Nahas, UK
Principal Discussant: S Eldeeb, Zagazig
18h15-20h00 Free Communications
HALL A: Clinical Nephrology
(Chairs: M Hassan, S Ellakany, E Noureldin)
HALL B: Renal Replacement Therapy (Chairs: A Afifi, M Sobh, T Hussein)
20h30-21h30 ESNT General Assembly
21h30 Dinner
  FRIDAY 17-02-2012
09h00-10h00 Symposia

Opposing Views: Stem cell and kidney tissue reconstruction; where we are? (Chairs: AM Elnahas, S Naga, E Amin)


- Introduction (5 min) AM Elnahas UK

  - We are already there (25 min) G Sadii, Cairo
  - We are still far (25 min) M Sobh, Mansoura
  Wrap up (5 min) AM Elnahas UK
HALL B: Interventional Radiology (Chairs: D Belal, K Okasha, I Waked)
09h00 – 09h20 Interventional radiology in kidney TX. T Eldiasty, Mansoura
09h20 – 09h50 Parathyroid adenomas. M Zanaty, Zagazig
09h40 –10h00 Role in problematic A-V fistula. A Taha, Sohag
10h00 -11h00 Symposia
HALL A: Advances in Nephrology (Chairs: A Shaibani, A Bakr, H Abdelhady)
10h00 – 11h00 Nephrology in a year. H Hafez, Cairo
HALL B: Anemia and CKD (Chairs: A Okaily, W Taha, M Nabil)
10h00 – 10h20 HB target: the U curve. Y Soliman, Ain Shams
10h20 – 10h40 Management of anemia in CKD stage 3&4. E Mostafa, Zagazig
10h40 – 11h00 Post – transplantation anemia. D Belal, Cairo
11h00-11h20 Closing Remarks


Marsa alam

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